Ultra-Prop Propellers, Carbon Fiber Composite, for Ultralight, Micro light , Experimental Aircraft, Airboats, Airboat Fans, Mini-Airboats, Hovercraft, VTOL, Drones, Quad Copters, Gyro Copters, UAVs, Wind Machines, Industrial and Agricultural Ventilation & More !

Ultra Prop Propellers

2-blade Ultra Prop 2 ultralight propeller installed and ready to fly

Two-Blade Ultra Prop II ready to Fly!

Ultralight Aircraft Propellers for Sale !  New Lower-Cost, Adjustable-Pitch, Solid Carbon Fiber Composite Propellers for Ultralight Experimental Aviation, Air Boating & More! They Make Excellent Small Engine Airboat Props for Mini-Airboats as well

Complete Propellers, Replacement Blades and Parts Shipped Same or Next Day with Your Paid Order !

We ship WORLD-WIDE, the Original Ultra-Prop and the new Ultra-Prop II Solid Carbon Fiber Composite Propellers. Use with belt or gear reduction-drive applications and electric direct-drive. Use with 10 to 150 HP for aircraft, airboats, hovercraft, wind machines and more !    

The Durable Ultra-Prop II is about HALF The COST of other Solid carbon fiber composite, adjustable-pitch propellers !

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The "Show Prop" Decorative Scheme is Shown
on the 3-Blade and 4-Blade Ultra-Prop II Propellers Above

6-blade 55 inch Ultra Prop II on our customer's hovercraft powered by a 113 hp BMW 1200 RS engine with a Belt drive reduction unit

Above is a picture of 6-blade 55 inch Ultra Prop II on our customer's hovercraft
powered by a 113 hp BMW 1200 RS engine with a gearbox reduction drive unit.

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Ultra Props Sitemap

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Ultra-Prop II Propellers Details

The Ultra-Prop II can be used on engines from 5 HP to 150+ HP. Each full length blade will absorb 25 to 30 HP at 2500 to 2900 RPM. The designed maximum operating RPM is 2900 at 66 inch diameter. Smaller diameters may turn a little higher RPM if needed. See the Table below.

The Ultra-Prop II uses the same patented blade, hub and pitch block system as the original Ultra-Prop, which has been in continuous production since 1983. It will remain in production and sold here.

The new components of the Ultra-Prop II are the carbon reinforced blade, the pitch blocks and the special blade clamping bolts. The Ultra-Prop II is 66 inches in diameter using the 2, 3 and 4-blade hub; 67 inch diameter with the 5-blade hub and 67-1/2 inches with the 6-blade hub. The blades may be cut to any lesser diameter without need for any special tip finishing or re-balancing. Just measure twice, cut once per blade. We do this for you at no charge if you order a smaller diameter propeller.

The new blade is very stiff solid composite (no foam core, etc.), has a conventional plan form with the appropriate blade twist (helix) and has a highly efficient airfoil.

The carbon reinforced engineering thermoplastic resin blade surface is very hard and durable to withstand abrasion and water impact much better than other blades made or coated with epoxy, paint or other similar 2-part resins. The operating temperature range is minus 60 degrees F to plus 350 degrees F.

Blade pitch range is 6 to 18 degrees at blade root, adjusted in one degree increments by changing pitch block sets. No protractor required! The new engineering structural thermoplastic used is long carbon fiber strand reinforced for high strength, stiffness and low weight. The blades and hub are weather resistant, UV protected and suitable for use on the water and in rain for airboats, hovercraft and Sport or Experimental aircraft such as ultralights, large drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) home-built projects, mini-airboats and kit planes.

Ultra-Prop II Propeller RPM Limits

Prop Diameter RPM Redline
66 inch 2900
60 inch 3000
54 inch 3100
48 inch 3300
42 inch 3650
36 inch 4000
30 inch 4200

Convert Your Existing Ultra-Prop I to an Ultra-Prop II

A New, Lower Cost Solid Carbon Composite Propeller for Sport Aviators and Air Boaters.

Convert your existing, original Ultra-Prop I to an Ultra-Prop II if by replacing the blades. Use your existing Ultra Prop 1 hub, You may need to reduce blade pitch due to higher efficiency and an increase in blade surface area if the diameter and blade count is to remain the same.

The Ultra-Prop II is capable of absorbing about 3 times the HP of the original Ultra-Prop 1 for more demanding applications that require more powerful engines. Available with LH or RH blades, for pusher or tractor applications.

Match the Propeller Blade Pitch to Properly Load the Engine
for Maximum Performance and Economy

Adjust the blade pitch angle to fully load your engine at full throttle up to the engine redline rpm, or 100 to 300 rpm below the engine rpm redline when not moving, depending on the top speed of your boat or aircraft. Moving forward unloads the propeller and RPM will climb. The propeller becomes, or replaces, the engine's rpm "governor".  If for an aircraft, set the maximum full throttle rpm for flying straight and level at your typical cruising altitude up to the engine redline.   If for a boat, set prop pitch to limit engine rpm to or just under engine redline rpm when on plane (or as fast as the boat can go) in smooth, calm waters .

Obviously you will need a tachometer connected to your engine. This procedure applies to ALL engines at or just under engine redline rpm turning a propeller to produce maximum possible THRUST per HP!

Ultra-Prop II can be used on all Rotax (2-stroke to 914 4-stroke) and all similar gasoline engines (2 or 4-stroke) using a reduction gearbox or belt drive between the propeller and engine. Electric drives can be direct-drive to propeller. A 6-blade 66 inch Ultra-Prop ll can load 150 HP at 2500 propeller RPM at a useable blade pitch for flight.

Ultra-Prop II Propeller Prices (USD)
      Complete Propeller--Weight--Price--Each
2-Blade----$450 (6 Lbs.)  Each, or 3+ $430 Each

3-Blade----$550 (8 Lbs.)  Each, or 3+ $525 Each

4-Blade----$650 (10 Lbs.)  Each, or 3+ $630 Each

5-Blade----$775 (12 Lbs.)  Each, or 3+ $755 Each

6-Blade----$900 (13 Lbs.) Each, or 3+ $875 Each

(20 inch to 67-1/2 inch diameters)

Overall blade length is 31 inches. Blade width is 4.25 inches at mid-blade, tapering
to 2 inches at the tip. Weight of full length blade is 1.662 pounds each.

Ultra-Prop II Replacement Parts

Single UP2 Blade-- $155 each.
3 or more Blades-- $145 each.
6-1/4 inch Diameter Spinner Kit- $65, $55 with propeller purchase
Ultra-Prop Faceplate/Crush Plate-- $25 each
Extra Pitch Blocks--$11 per blade
Propeller Mounting Bolts, Nuts, Washers set, 8 mm or 5/16 inch-- $25

Plus postage/shipping cost.

Each Ultra-Prop II Propeller Kit includes blades, hub, blade
clamping bolts, one set of pitch blocks, plus

easy to understand Assembly Instructions


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The Original Ultra-Prop for Mini Airboats, Hovercraft, Trikes, Power Parachutes, Paragliders, Drones, UAVs, VTOL Quad Copters, Gyro Copters and other Experimental or Home-Built Projects

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Original Ultra-Prop I Propeller Prices

Mount Ultra-Prop 1 direct-drive on B&S, Honda engines, etc. with the flange kit, 2 to 6-bladed props, bolt-on and go!  Or use our bolt-on belt reduction drive units.

(20" to 59" diameters available)

2-Blade Propeller  (Model 102)

5.0 lbs.


3-Blade Propeller  (Model 103)

6.5 lbs.


4-Blade Propeller  (Model 104)

8.0 lbs.


5-Blade Propeller  (Model 105)

11.0 lbs.


6-Blade Propeller  (Model 106)

13.0 lbs.


Go to Propeller Recommendations for the Original Ultra-Prop

Ultra-Prop 1 Facts

Lowest cost adjustable-pitch prop in the world - 42 years in production - over 21,000+ sold !
Innovative pitch block system -- holds blades at exact angle -- no protractor required.
Ultra Prop blades are interchangeable -- featuring perfect balance and exceptionally smooth performance.
Ultra Prop 1 Original blades may be used as wind-driven turbine blades to generate electricity!

Ultra-Prop 1 Propeller RPM Limits

Prop Diameter RPM Redline
59 inch 3100
54 inch 3300
48 inch 3600
42 inch 3950
36 inch 4200
30 inch 4500
24 inch 4750

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Ultra-Prop I & II Propeller Components & Accessories

Ultra-Prop Blades

Ultra-Prop 1 Blades - Molded carbon-reinforced composite. The factory length is 27-9/16 inches overall, end to end, which makes a 59" diameter propeller when installed in the hub.  All blades are identical in weight and are interchangeable. Blades are easily trimmed for custom diameters. Order left-hand or right-hand rotation. Price: $120 each plus shipping. When ordering replacement blades, specify the precise overall blade length end to end or the precise prop diameter desired, or state "full length".  Original Ultra-Prop 1 only.


Blade Pitch Blocks -Molded carbon-reinforced composite.  Grooved faces provide precise alignment with the blade root and hub. Use two identical 1/2 blocks per blade. Pitch block angles are available from 6 degrees to 18 degrees in 1 degree increments. Specify the blade pitch you need. Price is $11 per blade which includes (2) halves, for UP1 or UP2 blades., plus shipping.


Ultra Prop Hubs - Specify 2, 3, or 4 blade. Molded carbon-reinforced composite with integral steel reinforcing plates. 6-1/2" O.D.  Fits a 1" diameter centering pilot or optional Rotax 912/914 47 mm centering pilot. Accommodates most mounting plate bolt hole patterns from 2-1/4" to 3-1/4" dia. and 5/16" or 8mm prop mounting bolts. Assembled hub is 2-1/4" thick. Two identical halves are included per assembly. Price is $120, or $145 to fit Rotax 912/914 centering pilot, plus shipping. Use with all Ultra-Props.


5 and 6 Blade Hub Assemblies - Made of High strength steel hub plates for 5 or 6-blade props. Fits 1" diameter center pilot. Mount using six, 5/16" or 8mm prop bolts on a 2 1/4" to 3 1/4" bolt circle. Two plates are included per propeller hub assembly, plus six 5/16" ID x 5/8" OD x 1.85" long steel, tubular spacers and blade clamping bolts included.  Price is $195 each or $220 with 47 mm (or older 35 mm) Rotax 912 centering pilot, plus shipping. Use with all Ultra-Prop blades and Pitch Blocks..


Prop Flange Kit - This kit includes a taper lock bushing, a matching modified sprocket and hardware to provide the interface/adapter between a keyed straight shaft of a small gas engine or other similar shaft drive and the Ultra-Prop. Also provided is a "crush" or backing plate, mounting hardware and Ultra-Prop propeller mounting bolts. Price is $120 USD, plus shipping. Use with all Ultra-Props.


Prop Flange Kit with Pulley - Prop Flange Kit with 6" diameter pulley for driving an alternator. This is a popular setup when a light bank is used for night fishing. Kit includes flange with pulley, taper lock QD bushing, two propeller backup plates, all Ultra-Prop propeller mounting hardware for keyed  straight shaft mounting. Price is $170 USD plus shipping. Use with all Ultra-Props.


New Spinner Kit - Fits Ultra-Prop  2, 3 and 4-blade hubs only. The kit includes a white 6-1/4 inch polyester plastic spinner dome, mounting bracket, and all extra hardware for installation. Please specify if you use 1/4 inch, 5/16 or 8 mm Propeller mounting hardware. Price is $65 for kit plus shipping. Spinner only- $65. Use with all Ultra-Props.


Replacement Hub Bolt Spacers for 5 & 6-blade hubs- Six 5/16" ID x 5/8" OD x 1.85" long steel, tubular spacers for 5 and 6 blade hubs. Price: $30 per set of six plus shipping. Use with all Ultra-Props.


A/N Hardware - Blade mounting bolts: AN4-26A (2-3/4" long). Washers: AN960-416. Lock nuts: AN365-428. Price: $6 per set of two bolts with washers and nuts, plus shipping.
AN4-24A (2- 1/2" long) bolts for 5 and 6-blade props. These bolts are included with a complete propeller kit. For all Ultra-Props.


Hub Mounting Bolt Sleeves - Are required if using 1/4" propeller mounting bolts. The sleeves are made of high impact plastic or stainless steel. Set of 6 sleeves required  1/4" ID x 5/16" OD x 2 1/4" long. Price is $10 plus shipping. Use with all Ultra-Props mounted with 1/4 inch diameter bolts.


Other Propellers and Accessories for Special Applications

Hoverhawk Custom-Made, Wood Propellers for Aircraft, Airboats & Hovercraft

Hoverhawk Custom Wooden Propeller
One of many possible blade configurations

Go Here For More Information


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1-251-609-0969 in USA
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Ultra Props I & II work well with our Belt Reduction Drive unit for Industrial Air-Cooled Engines

BeltDriveVbelt1LS.jpg (15982 bytes)


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